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3 psychological injuries young dog bite victims may suffer

March 10, 2022 | On Behalf Of Randolph And Associates | Wrongful Death

With sharp teeth and long claws, dogs have the potential to inflict grievous harm on anyone. In fact, the American Veterinary Medical Association reports that roughly 20% of bite victims require emergency medical treatment. The AVMA further notes children are most likely to become victims of dog attacks.

Even if your child’s physical wounds heal, psychological injuries may last forever. Here are three common psychological injuries young bite victims may suffer in an attack.

1. Cynophobia

Cynophobia, which is a clinical fear of dogs, may develop after a single attack. If your child has cynophobia, he or she may have dog-associated anxiety every time he or she is in a place where dogs tend to be. Going to the park, taking a walk or even sitting on the porch may become virtually impossible for cynophobia sufferers.

2. Body dysmorphia

Common among teenagers, body dysmorphia occurs when a child obsesses over imperfections on his or her body. If a dog attack leaves the young one in your family with facial scars or scars to other parts of the body, your son or daughter may develop body dysmorphia.

3. Post-traumatic stress disorder

PTSD is a common consequence of traumatic experiences. If your child develops PTSD after a dog attack, he or she may experience nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety or depression. While medication and therapy may help your child cope with PTSD, it is unlikely ever to go away.

After a dog attack, your paramount concern must be your child’s physical well-being. Ultimately, though, because your child may have difficulty discussing psychological injuries, you also may need to connect him or her with a qualified mental health professional.

The faster you drive, the less chance of stopping in an emergency

January 10, 2022 | On Behalf Of Randolph And Associates | Wrongful Death

Braking in a vehicle is not an instant thing. There is a delay between seeing something, deciding you need to brake, taking your foot off the gas pedal and pushing it down on the brake pedal. That is known as reaction time.

Then there is the time it takes for the brakes to bring the car to a halt. That is known as braking time. The faster you go, the further you will travel during both the reaction time and the braking time. The result is that doubling your speed increases your stopping distance by about three times.

Clearly, there are safety benefits to driving more slowly. Even if you cannot stop in time to avoid a crash, the lower speed will reduce the likelihood of serious injury. Does that mean you should always drive well under the speed limit? No.

Drivers who travel slowly can make accidents more likely

If you go too slow, other drivers may get impatient or aggressive, leading to a crash. The ideal is to drive with the traffic flow, provided, of course, that is within the speed limit. When one vehicle is out of sync, be it too fast or too slow, it increases the danger for everyone.

You also need to adjust your speed for the conditions. Driving along a particular stretch of road at 50 mph may be fine when the sun is shining, but not if it is pouring with rain.

If you are involved in a vehicle crash, it is essential to look at the speed of the other driver. If they were not going at an appropriate rate for the traffic and conditions, it might help you get the compensation you need.

Do you qualify for a wrongful death claim in California?

August 10, 2021 | On Behalf Of Randolph And Associates | Wrongful Death

If you have recently lost a loved one due to negligence or malice and are wondering how to hold the offending party accountable, a wrongful death claim may be an option.

In some instances, surviving family members can receive monetary damages. While no amount of compensation can ease the pain of losing a loved one, it can alleviate the difficulty of financial stressors so you can focus on the grief and healing process.

What is wrongful death?

When someone acts negligently or maliciously, and their actions result in the death of another, it may be wrongful death. This broad definition leaves much room for interpretation. You may think of medical malpractice and motor vehicle accidents as examples of this type of case, but there are many situations that could fall within this classification. Additionally, wrongful death cases get tried in civil court and the offending party does not need to have broken any laws to be at fault.

Who is a surviving family member?

Parents, spouses, domestic partners, and children often bear the brunt of the suffering in wrongful death tragedies and are, therefore, commonly considered surviving family members in the context of filing legal claims. If the decedent’s will designates an estate representative who does not fall into one of those categories, that person may be able to file the lawsuit.

The loss of a loved one is difficult enough without added confusion and financial stress. A knowledgeable attorney can clarify the requirements in California and guide you through the process, should you qualify to file a claim.


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