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Santa Monica Police Misconduct Attorney

We trust law enforcement to protect us. Unfortunately, not all police officers behave ethically. In cities throughout the country, police officers sometimes engage in various forms of misconduct.

Santa Monica, California, is no exception. Although most officers in our area are likely trustworthy professionals who serve the public admirably, there are always those who abuse their power.

Have you been a victim of an officer’s misconduct? If so, you may be eligible to recover compensation by filing a claim or lawsuit.

Review your case with a Santa Monica police misconduct attorney at Randolph and Associates for more information. We’ll answer your questions, determine if you have grounds to take legal action, and provide the effective representation you need if you choose to hire us.

Examples of Police Misconduct in California

Police misconduct comes in many potential forms. The following are several common examples:

  • Excessive force/police brutality
  • Purchase Now
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Sexual misconduct

That isn’t necessarily an exhaustive list. Often, victims of police misconduct aren’t certain whether they have the justification to pursue compensation. Because police are granted significant power, victims don’t always know whether officers’ behavior constitutes a breach of ethics.

This is one of many reasons to schedule a consultation with a Santa Monica police misconduct law firm if you suspect you might be the victim of an officer’s improper behavior. We can go over the details of your case and inform you of your rights in these circumstances.

How Police Misconduct Can Affect You

The consequences you may face as a victim of police misconduct can vary depending on the specific nature of an officer’s behavior. For example, victims of police misconduct often face:

  • Imprisonment for crimes they did not commit
  • Loss of employment as a result of false arrest or imprisonment
  • Losses associated with injuries sustained as a result of excessive force, such as medical
    bills, lost wages, and more

Victims can seek compensation for these losses if they can prove police engaged in
misconduct. A victim’s odds of recovering the compensation for which they are eligible will be greater than they might otherwise be if they enlist the help of a qualified lawyer.

How a Santa Monica Police Misconduct Attorney Helps

Courts often regard the testimony of police officers as being more reliable than that of those who claim to have been the victims of police misconduct. To demonstrate that you are eligible to recover compensation due to the unethical or illegal actions of a police officer, you must gather and present substantial evidence supporting your side of the story.

Gathering such evidence may require conducting a thorough investigation. This is a task a Santa Monica police misconduct attorney can handle for you. Additionally, our team at Randolph and Associates can evaluate the extent of your compensable losses to determine approximately how much compensation you may deserve to recover.

Documenting Police Misconduct in Santa Monica

There are various steps you can potentially take after being a victim of police misconduct which could improve your chances of recovering compensation. For example, depending on the nature of an officer’s misconduct and the setting in which said misconduct occurred, it’s possible witnesses saw what happened. Some may have even captured the incident on video or in pictures.

Identify any witnesses at the scene immediately after an officer behaves unethically. Get their names and contact information. Your Santa Monica police misconduct lawyer may wish to coordinate with them later when building a case.

Other steps you may take include:

  • Keeping quiet: It’s tempting to speak up when you believe an officer is mistreating you. However, anything you say in these circumstances could potentially harm your case later. Even if you’re being arrested for a crime you didn’t commit, it’s best to remain quiet throughout the experience. You can pursue justice later with the help of an attorney.
  • Seeking medical care: This step is essential if a police officer has physically harmed
    you in any way. Even if you don’t think you’ve sustained major injuries if an officer has physically mishandled you in any capacity during an encounter, see a doctor as soon as
    possible. You may have sustained an injury without realizing it. Factors such as adrenaline can prevent victims of police misconduct from immediately identifying the
    signs of injury. By seeing a doctor right away, you’ll establish a direct connection between your encounter with the police and any injuries you may have sustained, boosting your odds of securing compensation later.
  • Drafting a narrative of your accident: Being a victim of police misconduct can be a
    traumatic and emotionally triggering experience. It’s not uncommon for a victim’s memories of such an experience to become hazy or unclear in the days following the
    incident. As such, you should draft a written narrative of your accident as you remember it shortly after an encounter with the police.

Bring this narrative with you when reviewing your case with the experts at a Santa Monica police misconduct law firm. You should also bring any evidence you’ve already gathered yourself, such as pictures or video footage which can support your version of the events. The more evidence you can provide a lawyer with during your case evaluation, the easier it will be for them to determine if you have grounds to take legal action.

This isn’t meant to discourage you from meeting with a lawyer if you haven’t gathered any such evidence. Be aware, the initial consultation with a Santa Monica police misconduct attorney is free of charge. You’re therefore risking nothing by at least meeting with a lawyer to discuss your potential legal options after being mistreated by a police officer.

Contact a Santa Monica Police Misconduct Attorney

No ethical lawyer can promise you’ll be awarded a certain amount of money or reach a specific settlement when accepting your case. However, our team can promise to offer the representation you deserve when seeking justice from the police in and around Santa Monica.
For more information, contact us online or call us today at 310-395-7900 for a free consultation.

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