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What You Need to Know About Hit-and-Run Cases in California

10 February, 2022

If you are involved in a car accident, and the other driver did not stop and exchange insurance information, you may have experienced what is called “hit-and-run.” Motor vehicle accidents are already stressful and disorientating. However, hit-and-runs make a bad…

The Faster You Drive, the Less Chance of Stopping in an Emergency

10 January, 2022

Braking in a vehicle is not an instant thing. There is a delay between seeing something, deciding you need to brake, taking your foot off the gas pedal, and pushing it down on the brake pedal. That is known as…

How can Third-Party Lawsuits Help Injured Employees?

14 December, 2021

Workplace injuries are all too common. They can leave people dead or disabled for life. In most instances, workers cannot sue their employers for workplace injuries. Instead, employees file workers’ compensation claims. Though workers’ compensation typically covers medical costs and…

Prevent Construction Injuries by Prioritizing Safety

9 November, 2021

Construction sites are, by their nature, hazardous environments with many potential dangers. Communicate with the team Regular safety meetings are crucial to maintaining an injury-free environment on construction sites. Each job site is unique and some aspects will be different…

What Steps should You Take After a Rideshare Accident?

11 October, 2021

The user base of ridesharing apps like Uber or Lyft is ever-increasing. People are using the on-demand car services to get to or make it back from a night of drinking, to rescue them when a disabled vehicle leaves them…

Should You Drive with your Lights on Even in the Middle of the Day?

9 September, 2021

If you don’t have a car with automatic headlights, you typically just flip them on at dusk, at dawn or if you leave the house after dark. But what about during the day? Should you keep them on even when…

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