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Property owners have a responsibility to ensure the safety of any guests and employees who have a legal right to be on their properties. This is the basis of premises liability laws. Under these laws, California property owners (and ownership representatives, such as employees and managers) must monitor for signs of property hazards that can potentially cause accidents.

They must address these hazards promptly when they find them. Guests must be alerted to its presence if a hazard can’t be eliminated entirely.

Slip and falls and similar accidents can occur when property owners negligently overlook hazards or don’t take steps to guard against them. Perhaps you’ve been injured in an accident on someone else’s property in Santa Monica because ownership was careless.

If so, review your case with a Santa Monica premises liability and slip and fall attorney at Randolph and Associates. We may be able to help you recover financial compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses you might have incurred as a result of your accident.

Common Causes Of Premises Liability And Slip & Fall Accidents In Santa Monica

Slip and falls and other such premises liability accidents can occur for various reasons. Common examples include:

  • Cluttered floors.
  • Wet floors that haven’t been cleaned up.
  • Broken or loose flooring that hasn’t been replaced.
  • Lack of sufficient outdoor lighting, which may prevent guests from safely navigating parking lots and other exterior sections of the property at night.
  • Lack of necessary security measures and/or personnel.

If you’ve been injured on someone’s property but are unsure whether you have grounds to seek compensation, schedule a case evaluation at our Santa Monica premises liability and slip and fall law firm. We’ll explain how you may proceed.

What To Do After A Slip & Fall Or Other Premises Liability Accident?

The specific steps you should take if you’ve been injured on someone else’s property can vary depending on such factors as:

  • The nature of the accident
  • The severity of your injuries
  • The nature of the property

The following steps apply when a victim has been involved in a slip and fall. They are frequently also used when a victim has been injured in a similar accident on a property other than their own.

In the immediate aftermath of your accident, you should:

Assess Your Injuries

Take a moment to determine the extent of your injuries. If you’ve sustained any injuries requiring immediate attention, such as wounds that need to be dressed, tend to them immediately. When you begin moving from the scene of your accident, do so slowly to avoid exacerbating your injuries.

Ask witnesses at the scene if they’d be willing to remain there for a few moments. You need to contact the property owner first, but after doing so, you’ll want to coordinate with those who saw your accident.

Report The Accident

Ask an employee or other such party to direct you to the property owner or manager so you can file an official report. When doing so, avoid making any statements that might indicate your negligence played a role in your accident.

It would help if you also refrained from allowing your emotions to dictate your behavior. While you may be angry because your accident resulted from blatant negligence, it’s in your best interests to maintain your composure at this time.

When reporting your accident, request that the property owner not destroy any footage of the accident that may have been recorded via security cameras. Ask if you can make this request in writing so there’s documentation of it.

Document The Scene

Next, gather the names and contact information of any witnesses who’ve agreed to remain at the accident scene. Take this opportunity to photograph the accident scene from various angles as well. Your goal is to capture photographic evidence showing your accident occurred because of hazardous conditions.

See A Doctor Right Away

This is critical. Be aware, that you might have sustained injuries without realizing it. Perhaps the adrenaline surge you experienced as a result of being involved in an accident has prevented you from noticing the symptoms of your injuries. Or, maybe you’ve sustained a concussion or similar injury, symptoms of which might not be noticeable until hours or even days after your accident.

Err on caution and confirm with a medical professional that no treatment is necessary. Along with providing for a swift recovery, seeing a doctor sooner rather than later will improve your chances of recovering financial compensation later, as it will allow you to establish a link between your accident and your injuries.

Filing A Premises Liability Claim In California

The injuries you might sustain in a slip and fall or similar accident resulting from a property owner’s negligence can require costly medical treatment. You might struggle to pay for your medical care if your injuries prevent you from working and earning an income until you fully recover. Depending on their severity, they can also cause you to endure long-term pain and suffering.

You can seek compensation for such losses by filing a premises liability claim with the negligent property owner’s insurance. To optimize your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve, strongly consider hiring a lawyer.

How Does A Santa Monica Premises Liability And Slip & Fall Attorney Help?

An insurance company isn’t likely to offer the full compensation you’re owed. An insurer’s goal is to protect their bottom line by offering less compensation than your claim may be worth.

A Santa Monica premises liability and slip and fall attorney with Randolph and Associates can help you pursue fair compensation by:

  • Investigating your accident to gather evidence proving negligence.
  • Calculating the dollar value of your compensable losses.
  • Negotiating if the insurance company refuses to offer proper compensation at first.

You shouldn’t absorb the cost of your losses if you were injured on someone else’s property because they were negligent. To learn more about what our team can do for you, contact us online or call us at 310-957-7900 for a free consultation.

Have You Been Injured In An Accident?

If you have been involved in an accident or injured due to the negligence of someone else, it is important that you seek legal representation. The trusted and experienced attorneys at Randolph and Associates are here to guide you in the aftermath of your accident and fight on your behalf to get you the compensation and justice you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.
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