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When A Third Party – Not Your Employer – Caused Your Injury

Workers’ compensation insurance covers most injured construction workers and other workers injured on the job. To get medical care paid for and get some of your lost wages replaced, you do not have to demonstrate that your employer was negligent. You do have to demonstrate that you were hurt while engaged in work activities.

Workers’ compensation is helpful when a claim moves forward in a timely manner. However, for many employees recovering from serious or catastrophic injuries, the benefits can be insufficient for actual needs and losses, which may include:

  • Specialized medical care and therapy
  • Home remodeling, a modified van, and other disability accommodations
  • Durable medical equipment, including necessary replacements over a lifetime
  • Personal care as needed
  • Related expenses affecting the household
  • Pain and suffering

This is why it is so important to evaluate workplace injury cases for potential third-party claims. Attorneys at Randolph and Associates, always scrutinize the facts behind a construction site accident, a manufacturing accident, or any on-the-job injury. A third-party claim can open the door to lawsuits demanding comprehensive compensation.

How A Third-Party Liability Case Works

A third-party liability claim alleges and shows that someone else caused injuries through negligence, such as:

  • Another contractor at the work site
  • A manufacturer
  • An installer
  • A repair or maintenance company
  • An inspector
  • A delivery company

Our personal injury lawyers have succeeded in bringing numerous third-party claims and lawsuits on behalf of clients who had been injured while at work. In some cases, they have recovered more than one million dollars for individual injured workers.

Our personal injury lawyers are skilled at discovering third parties – often companies with ample insurance – that have contributed to accidents and therefore are responsible. These claims bring much-needed relief to seriously injured construction workers, factory workers and employees with other occupations.

We Will Evaluate Your Workplace Injury Case At No Charge

Initial consultations are free for injured workers and their close family members. If we suspect that your workplace injury was caused by a third party, we will offer to conduct a thorough investigation. You will owe us attorney fees only if we succeed in recovering compensation for you. To schedule a no-obligation conversation with one of our plaintiff’s lawyers, call 310-395-7900 or complete our simple online form.

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