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Santa Monica Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Santa Monica Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

If you ride a motorcycle in or around Santa Monica, you likely appreciate the importance of exercising caution. Unfortunately, you can’t control others’ choices on the road. It’s possible you’ve been harmed in a motorcycle accident resulting from the negligence of another driver or other such party.

As a result of this experience, you may be left with costly medical bills, lost wages, and more. You can pursue financial compensation for these losses if you can prove you were injured due to someone else’s negligence or actions.

Discuss your legal options with a Santa Monica motorcycle accident attorney at Randolph and Associates. If you are eligible to recover compensation, we’ll help you pursue it.

Types Of Vehicle Accidents

Important Information About Motorcycle Accidents In Santa Monica

Motorcycle accidents are relatively common in busy cities like Santa Monica. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, 55 motorcycle accidents resulting in injury occurred in Santa Monica in 2017.

Victims involved in such accidents may have been seriously harmed. Research indicates that a motorcyclist involved in an accident is 29 times more likely to lose their life than a driver or occupant of an enclosed vehicle.

Motorcyclists aren’t surrounded by a vehicle’s steel frame, which can otherwise offer some protection when an accident occurs. They also typically don’t have safety in the form of airbags and seatbelts. When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, they are vulnerable and often thrown from their vehicle onto the road.

Seeking Financial Compensation After A Santa Monica Motorcycle Accident

The injuries you’ve sustained due to a motorcycle accident are likely severe enough to require costly medical treatment. They could also prevent you from earning a paycheck until you’ve thoroughly recovered and can return to your job.

Perhaps they’re so severe that you now face lifelong struggles. Potential examples include:

  • Impaired cognition.
  • Paralysis.
  • Chronic pain.
  • Mental/emotional difficulties.
  • Inability to provide for your loved ones or yourself.

You deserve financial compensation for these losses if your accident resulted from another party’s negligence. Pursuing what you’re owed may involve filing a claim with the insurance of the negligent party responsible for your injuries. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, you can file a lawsuit to take them to court.

What To Do After A Santa Monica Motorcycle Accident?

You may be reading this because you’ve already been involved in a motorcycle accident resulting from someone else’s negligence in the Santa Monica area. If so, the best step you can take now is to schedule a consultation with an attorney. Be sure to do so before you start discussing your claim with an insurance adjuster.

However, if you haven’t yet been involved in a motorcycle accident, but wish to know what you can do to begin strengthening your case in the immediate aftermath of an accident, the following information will help. Steps to take after being involved in a motorcycle accident include:

  • Checking yourself for injuries: Thoroughly check your body for any signs of injuries right away after an accident. Address wounds, bleeds, and other such injuries which may require your immediate attention.
  • Get to a safe space: Again, it’s not uncommon for the victims of motorcycle accidents to sustain major injuries. It’s, therefore, possible that you’ll be unable to move without the assistance of others after your accident. That said, if you can do so, move to a safe spot away from traffic.
  • Check on others involved in the accident: Check on the condition of all others involved in the collision if you’re able to do so without worsening your own injuries. Maintain calm during this step. Although it can be tempting to lash out in anger against those who you believe caused your accident, right now, it’s essential that you keep your composure. If you get too emotional, you may cause a confrontation, or you might accidentally say something that could suggest you’re admitting fault for causing the accident.
  • Exchange contact and insurance information: Be sure to get the names contact and insurance information of all others involved in the accident. If someone flees the accident scene, make a note of all details about their vehicle that you can recall, such as license plate number, make, model, color, etc.
  • Report the accident: Call the police to report the accident immediately after taking the above steps. You can call 911 if you don’t know the number of the local police station.
  • Get witness information: Get the names and contact information of any witnesses who may have seen the accident occur as you wait for the police to arrive.
  • Document the scene: Take pictures of the accident scene and your injuries.
  • Cooperate with police: Cooperate with police as they investigate the accident, but refrain from getting emotional or suggesting that you caused the accident if this isn’t so.
  • See a doctor: Seeing a doctor as soon as the police have finished investigating the accident scene is critical. This is true even if you don’t think you’ve been injured. It’s possible you’ve sustained injuries without knowing it. You must see a doctor to confirm you aren’t in need of treatment.

Next, get in touch with a Santa Monica motorcycle accident law firm. The sooner you start building a case, the better your chances of recovering compensation.

How Does A Santa Monica Motorcycle Accidents Attorney Help?

Enlisting the help of a qualified legal professional before filing a claim can significantly improve your chances of recovering the full amount of compensation for which you’re eligible. A Santa Monica motorcycle accidents attorney can:

  • Investigate your case to identify the liable parties.
  • Gather evidence of negligence.
  • Determine your claim’s potential value based on your losses and damages.
  • Handle all administrative tasks while you focus on your recovery.
  • Reject an insurance company’s low settlement offers and negotiate for an appropriate payout on your behalf.

At Randolph and Associates, we know being involved in a motorcycle accident can have a devastating impact on your life. The team at our Santa Monica motorcycle accident law firm can help you during this painful time by pursuing the compensation you’re owed. Learn more by contacting us online or calling us at 310-957-7900 for a free consultation.

Have You Been Injured In An Accident?

If you have been involved in an accident or injured due to the negligence of someone else, it is important that you seek legal representation. The trusted and experienced attorneys at Randolph and Associates are here to guide you in the aftermath of your accident and fight on your behalf to get you the compensation and justice you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.
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