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The Devastating Impact Of Spinal Cord Damage

While many people suffer from back pain that stems from muscle strain, an injury to the spinal cord can impact movement, organ function, and sensation. If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury, it is crucial that you act quickly and seek the counsel of a skilled personal injury attorney in Southern California.

At Randolph and Associates, we have extensive experience representing clients injured in vehicle accidentsconstruction site accidents, and numerous other types of accidents. Serious accidents can result in spinal cord damage which can limit an individual’s mobility and reduce sensations throughout the body. Whether in San Bernardino County, Riverside County, or communities throughout Southern California, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation at our firm to discuss your accident and the resulting injuries.

Are There Different Types Of Paralysis?

Depending on numerous factors — what section of the spinal cord was injured, was the cord torn, was the cord severed, etc. — the damage can result in different types of paralysis.

  • Paraplegia: Often called partial paralysis, paraplegia impacts movement and sensation in the lower extremities. The victim will suffer a loss of motion and sensation to the legs.
  • Quadriplegia: Injuries higher up on the spinal cord often result in quadriplegia. This can result in the loss of motion and sensation to both the arms and the legs as well as damage to internal organs.
  • Hemiplegia: This type of paralysis is tied more directly to brain damage and can result in the loss of function in the left or right half of the body.

No matter the type of paralysis, your life and the lives of your family members will likely change. Look to our skilled lawyers to guide you through the personal injury claims process to fight for your full and fair monetary compensation. It is unlikely that any amount will erase your pain, but we will fight to ensure your financial future is protected.

Call A California Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Today

A spinal cord injury can cause a dramatic, permanent impact on an entire family’s financial security and emotional health. We encourage you to call us in Los Angeles, Riverside (including Coachella Valley), or San Bernardino counties; our team at Randolph and Associates, is here for you. Email Us or call toll-free at 310-395-7900.

Have You Been Injured In An Accident?

If you have been involved in an accident or injured due to the negligence of someone else, it is important that you seek legal representation. The trusted and experienced attorneys at Randolph and Associates are here to guide you in the aftermath of your accident and fight on your behalf to get you the compensation and justice you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.
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