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Should You Drive with your Lights on Even in the Middle of the Day?

BY: admin | September 9, 2021 | Car Accident

If you don’t have a car with automatic headlights, you typically just flip them on at dusk, at dawn or if you leave the house after dark. But what about during the day? Should you keep them on even when it’s noon and the sun is shining?

A lot of people have never even considered this, but the fact of the matter is that it does reduce accident odds. That reduction may only be as much as 10%, but that’s still a great way to keep yourself safer. It’s such an easy thing to do to make sure that someone else sees you and doesn’t make a crucial error, especially in a world where you know that a lot of drivers are distracted behind the wheel. If someone is looking down at their phone and notices your lights out of the corner of their eye, it could save your life.

Adding up safety-related actions

The thing to remember is that every little bit helps when it comes to safety.

You’re not going to turn your lights on and assume that now you’re completely safe, but what else are you doing? Simple accident avoidance tactics like following the three-second rule or driving a few miles per hour under the speed limit can also reduce your odds of being in an accident, as can picking what times you drive and waiting for an extra beat at a green light before you move to make sure no one runs the red.

If every little thing you do drops your chances of an accident by another 5%, you’re really making yourself much safer without having to change much about how you drive.

Of course, though, nothing guarantees you’ll be safe every time you go on the road. If another driver hits you and causes serious injuries, you must know how to seek compensation for your injuries and other losses by contacting a car accident lawyer in Santa Monica from Randolph & Associates.

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