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Personal Injury Law Blog

October 11, 2021 What steps should you take after a rideshare accident?

The user base of ridesharing apps like Uber or Lyft is ever-increasing. People are using the on-demand car services to get to or make it back from a night of drinking, to rescue them when a disabled vehicle leaves them... READ MORE.

September 9, 2021 Should you drive with your lights on even in the middle of the day? 

If you don’t have a car with automatic headlights, you typically just flip them on at dusk, at dawn or if you leave the house after dark. But what about during the day? Should you keep them on even when... READ MORE.

August 10, 2021 Do you qualify for a wrongful death claim in California?

If you have recently lost a loved one due to negligence or malice and are wondering how to hold the offending party accountable, a wrongful death claim may be an option. In some instances, surviving family members can receive monetary... READ MORE.