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Safe Nighttime Driving Tips for Californians

October 17, 2022 | On Behalf Of Randolph And Associates | Motor Vehicle Accidents
The days are shorter this time of year in California. Thus, it’s important for motorists to brush up on tips they can apply to minimize their chances of being involved in accidents while driving at night. You already know the basics. No one needs to be told to turn their headlights on when it’s dark out. However, there are other safe nighttime driving habits it’s easy to forget about or overlook. Examples include:

Try to Avoid Two-Lane Highways

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, two-lane highways can be particularly dangerous at night due to a combination of several factors, including:
  • Glare from oncoming vehicles’ headlights
  • Low light from other sources
  • Frequent sharp curves and steep hills
If possible, when planning your nighttime driving routes, avoid two-lane highways. Naturally, this won’t always be a practical option, and there may even be instances when choosing a two-lane highway is the safer option than choosing any other roads in a given area. However, if you can safely and conveniently stay off two-lane highways when driving at night, attempt to do so.

Clean Your Vehicle

A clean vehicle is a point of pride for many. It can also play a critical role in your safety. A clean windshield and clean headlights boost visibility when driving at night. Brighter headlights can also help other motorists spot your vehicle.

Carry Reflective Triangles

There may be times when you need to pull over to the side of the road at night. When this happens, you need to be prepared to ensure other motorists can spot your vehicle. Turning on your hazard lights will help. That said, you may want to add to your visibility by carefully placing reflective triangles near your vehicle as well. Keep them with you when driving at night in case you ever find yourself in a situation when you need to use them.

Don’t Look Into Headlights

When another vehicle with its headlights on is approaching yours, prevent its headlights from blinding you by looking down and to the right, gazing towards the white line. Your goal is to strike a balance between keeping an eye on the road and making sure another driver’s headlights don’t prevent you from seeing what’s in front of you.

Check Your Vision

For health reasons, you should already be having your vision checked every year. Doing so can also allow for early diagnosis of vision issues that could potentially stop you from seeing clearly while driving in low-light conditions.That said, although you may make an effort to avoid putting yourself and others in danger on the road when driving at night in California, you can’t stop others from being reckless. Their carelessness could result in an accident that leaves you seriously injured. Discuss your case with a lawyer if this happens. At Randolph and Associates, a Southern California car accident attorney will review your case and determine if you have grounds to file a claim seeking compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and more. Contact us online to get started.

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